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10 Everyday Product Ideas You Can Make With CNC Machines

There are many different product ideas that you can come up with and make using a CNC machine. A phone case is a great thing to make using a CNC machine as you can make it out of plastic, wood or even aluminum. You can also make a design and then manufacture a wallet by using wood or metal chunks. Finally, you can do custom engravings using a CNC toolset. You can put these engravings on many different things such as furniture or utensils.

Key Takeaways:

  • While most have come to realize that CNC have a real and valued place in mass industry across the globe, not everyone realizes that the process can be used by hobbyists too.
  • Small day-to-day items, like keyholders, phone cases and wallets can be created using CNC machining. These can be crafted from metal, but also from plastic or wood.
  • Hobbyists can upgrade their custom-made creations by engraving them. DIY furniture makers and knick-knack designers can flawlessly engrave their finished products with CNC machining.

“you can also manufacture a wallet out of wood or metal chunks to hold cards or cash”

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