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10 Reasons Why Classic Cars Are Better than Modern Ones

Classic cars have many advantages over the new modern ones. One of them is that they are much simpler. Many parts of modern cars are now electronic and expensive. Engine efficiency, believe it or not, is better in the smaller older cars. Most of them are also smaller, which adds to the engine efficiency. Insurance for older and classic cars will be cheaper for the most part. It is reported that classic car owners have a more effective insurance policy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Older, collector cars won’t posses many of the modern conveniences of later models but they do have advantages in many areas.
  • Older, vintage cars are often simpler in design, smaller in size, and lighter in weight. These qualities make them easy to work on.
  • Vintage vehicles are often more stylish than the streamlined cars of today. They can be more fun to drive, and in turn make one a better drive as well.

“The Mini, for example, has almost doubled in weight since its inception in 1959.”

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