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3 Ways To Incorporate CNC in Interior Design

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery can produce highly accurate parts in many different materials. Used in many industries, CNC can also be used for home design. A CNC router can cut designs and shapes, and a CNC fiber laser cutter can cut textiles. If you have an open floor plan, jali dividers work well. A CNC router can be used cut intricate designs into the wood. Intricate designs can also be created for custom wall accents. Last, instead of sticking with neutral ceilings, you can use CNC machinery to create patterned false ceilings. Any of these ideas can add modern styling to your home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jali dividers work well in open spaces, and a CNC router can cut intricate designs into the wood.
  • Attractive intricate shapes and patterns can be produced for wall accents.
  • Instead of having neutral ceilings, you can create intricate patterns in false ceilings.

“After a design has been made using CAD software, the design is turned into G-Code, which gives the CNC machine the instructions it needs to automatically carry out the required tasks and create a finished item.”

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