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34-Inch Rims For Big Wheel Baggers | SMT Machining

34-inch rims for bagger bikes are hard to come by, which is where SMT Machining comes in. SMT is one of the few manufacturers that can craft high-quality, complex designs such as 3D wheels and contrast cuts. As a custom bike shop owner, being an SMT dealer lets you receive full access products and special pricing. SMT also has the best customer service and support in the business. Engineering and testing is conducted with proprietary software that simulates the stresses and rigors of the road. The wheels exceed JASO standards and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Key Takeaways:

  • Putting 34-inch wheel rims on a motorcycle is a pro-level job. That is why even seasoned bike owners do not try to do it themselves.
  • However, just finding this size for bagger bikes can be extremely challenging, even for shops.
  • The good news, however, is that SMT Machining can actually custom forge those rims as needed. Moreover, they create very high-quality work. They even boast a 2D version.

“For custom forged billet motorcycle wheels, the only real choice is SMT Machining. We are leading the pack on 34 inch big wheels.”

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