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3D Metal Printer Is 40% Faster Than Predecessor

A company called 3D Systems’ recently came out with a 3D printer with the model name DMP 320 3D. GF Machining Solutions has now released a predecessor for this model, with their DMP Flex 350 that is manufactured with LaserForm technology. The material deposition on this model is bidirectional, which means that productivity levels can be highly accelerated through its efficient output methods. The machine is also metal-based which makes it much more durable than others on the market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Specific models of 3D printers may only be able to print certain sizes of objects
  • When creating a 3D printer, strategic scanning and time between scans are large factors for consumers
  • Low oxygen usage within the scanning process creates parts with specific densities for part longevity

“Improved gas flow ensures uniform quality across the entire build area, even for parts made with the most challenging alloys and extremely dense, pure metals.”

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