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3D Printing Lightweights Large Cutting Tools

Various end markets, including electronic vehicles, are driving demand for larger cutting tools. The problem is, larger tools are heavier tools, which increases the risk of spindle damage. The manufacturer Star SU Neher is using 3D-printing to improve larger tool bodies. Features such as honeycomb-shaped internal lattice structures reduce the weight of the tools without compromising strength. These 3D printed tools bring a variety of benefits, including being quiet and longer-lasting. Furthermore, post-processing is simpler than for conventional machined tools. Additionally, 3D printing is especially useful for custom tools.

Key Takeaways:

  • Larger parts require larger and heavier cutting tools, which increases the risk of spindle damage.
  • Nearly all 3D printed tools made by the company are custom, designed to the part’s needs.
  • Compared to conventional processes for machining tools, 3D printing requires less post-processing.

“Cutting tool manufacturer Star SU Neher has adopted another approach: 3D-printing tool bodies to not only bring larger cutters in line with weight requirements, but also to ensure they outperform and outlast more conventional counterparts.”

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