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40 CNC Projects That Sell Like Hotcakes

A CNC router is a great investment if you are looking to sell wooden items. Small desktop machines are available, and perfect for home use. Some products that are selling very well are cutting boards, flags, and carved signs. Some of these items sell so well that someone can make their money back from buying the machine, in only a few weeks. Once you decide to start selling these items, it is important to figure out where to sell them. Good options include Facebook marketplace, and craft fairs.

Key Takeaways:

  • In addition to classic wooden signs with engraved lettering, try making signs with raised lettering.
  • Drink coasters, catch-all trays, and bathtub trays are all great CNC ideas.
  • Brain teaser games, chess sets, and games (such as dominos and tic tac toe) are other options.

“Below you will find some amazing CNC projects for beginners and more advanced woodworkers. All of them are top sellers on Etsy and at craft fairs around the country.”

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