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5 Ways to Get Creative with your CNC Router

There are several creative things that you can do with a CNC router. One thing is wooden lettering signs for children’s bedrooms. By playing around with things like fonts, every bedroom’s lettering can be different. You can also make custom pet beds. All sorts of different designs can be used, which make each bed customized. You can also use your CNC router to make wooden musical instruments, such as guitars. The routers can also be used to make furniture, such as tables or chairs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Paper towel or napkin holders are good projects that don’t require a large format router.
  • One CNC user designed a pet bed, but many other types of furniture can be made with a CNC router.
  • Custom luthiery – the creation of stringed instruments – is another good use of a CNC router.

“For inspiration, check out companies like Pottery Barn, CraftCuts, & Wayfair to create your own stacked, custom, wood wall design.”

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