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5 Wood Furniture That You Can Build with a CNC Router

CNC stands for computer numerical control. Operating on computer programs, a CNC router is a cutting machine that has many applications, including wood carving. CNC routers are capable of excellent precision, speed and quality. Some wood furniture ideas include a desk cubby or a study table. Many people use CNC machines to make book shelves. The routers can also be used to design and build coffee tables. Wood cabinets are another great CNC furniture project. Getting into CNC automation isn’t complicated, but you do have to learn skills to operate the machines.

Key Takeaways:

  • Regular CNC routers are primarily utilized for things in the realm of woodworking.
  • A CNC router is a cutting tool that can cut all different types of materials, but is run from computer programs.
  • In addition to more industrial applications, CNC routers can be used at home for things like picture frames and toys.

“Many furniture companies have been applying CNC solutions to achieve customized production of wooden furniture for homes and offices such as cabinets and wardrobes.”

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