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6 Major Trends in the CNC Machine Tool Industry | MachineMfg

Trends happen in every industry including CNC machines. Some of the trends that we are currently seeing evolve can include the multifunctionality of CNC machines. Having a machine that can do more types of machining is efficient and can be cost effective. More efficient machines is another trend with the reasons being it can be cost effective. Automation is also becoming more notable as well. The biggest one it seems is that reliability is becoming a factor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Modern CNC machining is becoming more multifunctional, thanks to automatic tool-changers becoming standard.
  • Because of this, machining centers can use a single machine to do many different tasks, such as milling, boring, reaming and tapping.
  • Today’s CNC machines can communicate data to other CNC machines and even control multiple machines.

“Speed and accuracy are two important indicators of CNC machines, which are directly related to machining efficiency and product quality.”

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