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7 manufacturing trends for 2022

There are significant challenges as manufacturing activity rebounds from COVID-19, including issues with supply chain, shortages of labor, and inflation. Considering these challenges, manufacturers are switching gears as they decide how to be able to best serve customers in the upcoming years. There are several key manufacturing trends to be on the lookout for including reshoring facilities, shifting market focus from B2B to B2C, using 3D printing, increasing automation, and securing talent for the new workforce. Additionally, many manufacturers are creating business practices that are economically and environmentally sustainable.

Key Takeaways:

  • We will see more onshore manufacturing due to countries having to rely on themselves due to trade agreements.
  • Most companies are going to shift from a business to business model to a business to consumer model.
  • 3D printing is going to transform manufacturing by giving a greater freedom of design as well as more sustainable processes.

“The result is reduced downtime and greater cost efficiencies. Predictive maintenance will be pivotal in helping manufacturing industries meet skyrocketing customer demand and achieve digital transformation.”

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