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A better understanding of roll forming and its tooling

Forming process using a roller machine can seem quite formidable and complicated. After all, the machines used are quite complex, and they typically have several suboperations done at varying speeds. Understanding the process fully ensures that your product meets even the tightest tolerances and specifications. The best way to learn about the process is to examine each point in process where the workpiece is change in some way. Additional consideration must be given to the issue of safety, which is another aspect of the machinery that needs to be fully understood.

Key Takeaways:

  • When sheet metal is changed on the line, a roll former’s tool changes the shape of the metal over time.
  • Each roll changes the shape of sheet metal as it advances on the line and wheels and/or dies are needed to increase the bend/fold of the metal.
  • Sheet metal can be cut at any point but the best spot needs to be figured out in order to make the end product look as good as possible.

“To better understand what the roll forming machine is doing, it’s best to break it down to study each place the metal is changed in some manner–be it bent, punched, cut, or folded.”

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