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A combination approach to heavy plate cutting

Heavy fab shops are forced to compete with the market meaning that old technologies will render them obsolete. To compete these shops must look at new ways of doing things to keep up with increased demand from customers. This doesn’t mean ditching everything but simply incorporating new ways such as using water jet and plasma at the same table. Plasma is cost effective while water jet is more applicable for precision when cutting smaller parts.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the age of lean manufacturing and robotics, a heavy fab shop can’t do what it’s always done because that puts it behind the shops constantly looking for more efficient ways to process plate.
  • With Waterjet cutting, the part doesn’t need to be moved from one table to the next, expediting the fabricating cycle and eliminating additional material handling.
  • The waterjet also gives a fabricator the opportunity to cut edges of a higher quality than what plasma can do.

“Plasma-waterjet cutting systems are not a new concept, but they are generating more interest as shops become more aware of decreasing the cost of producing parts, said Steve Zlotnicki, global product manager, cutting systems, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products. This combination machine gives those fabricators of heavy-duty parts the chance to do just that.”

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