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A Thousand Years Reclaim, or the Bog Oak Revival, Part 2: Thomas Newman Furniture Maker

Furniture makers producing original and visually stunning work are few and far in between. In Hoboken, a shop co-owned by a pair of wood-crafting artisans is one such place whose output is unrivaled. Their latest material of choice is bog oak, wood that made its way from far away Siberia, after being submerged under its waters for centuries. The artists combine both new equipment and old techniques constantly pushing and exploring the limits of wood processing. Current exploration includes working with bog oak and its variation of natural color and then composing the pieces in striking patterns.

Key Takeaways:

  • One seeker of the unusual and next-gen in furniture making found what he sought in Hoboken, New Jersey.
  • The store, which he deemed a furniture lab, is the province of two woodworking artists, Thomas Newman and Vladimir Krasnogorov.
  • The team does not constrain themselves to the tried and true, even incorporating virtual reality into their work.

“There aren’t too many designers-makers who produce cutting edge work which is original, elegant, and visually stunning.”

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