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A Thousand Years Reclaim, or the Bog Oak Revival, Part 2: Thomas Newman Furniture Maker

Bog oak, buried and submerged in Siberian lakes and swamps, is becoming increasingly trendy material that furniture makers use. Material alone is not enough to make the maker a unique, cutting-edge artist. Shop in Hoboken, owned by two furniture makers, is a shop that does produce such original work with high-degree of craftsmanship. It is as much of a lab as it is a shop, with some ancient machinery standing alongside modern CNC lathes. As a result of their collaboration, their work constantly pushes the boundaries, merging traditional techniques and modern technologies like CAD.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tom Newman is a woodworker in New Jersey with more than fifty years of experience, becoming interested in furniture design in the 1970s.
  • Newman’s first successful projects were traditional tables for the Howard Kaplan showroom in New York.
  • Newman now works in a studio with Vladimir Krasnogorov focusing on projects using Bog Oak.

“There aren’t too many designers-makers who produce cutting edge work which is original, elegant, and visually stunning.”

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