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Accessorize and Extend the Life of Your Machines | Fabricating and Metalworking

Having a clean tool is extremely important. Not only will it perform better, but it will last much longer. There are a few companies that offer great products. One of them is Big Kaiser. They have the top of the line Taper cleaners. Spindle Cleaners are meant to make cutting easier for your tools. Haimer offers a Power Clamp Machine, which not only cleans, but shrinks various types of air nozzles. It also has a fully automated motor coil.

Key Takeaways:

  • There exist a wide variety of tools, cleaners, and accessories one can purchase to improve performance and maintain metal fabrication equipment.
  • Cleaners like the Big Kaiser bore cleaner, taper cleaners, and spindle cleaners keep machines running smoothly, prevent damage, and reduce corrosion.
  • Accessories like the Haimer Power Clamp Machine and Duo-Lock ER Collets as well as the modular cutting tool system allow for more control when working and save on down time.

“When not in use, the Chip Blower fits easily into any automatic tool change system for vertical, horizontal or multi-tasking machining centers. It can be used with automatic tool changers and programmed into a machining cycle, helping to improve machine utilization and increase productivity. The product complements the solid construction, fixed blade ChipFan.”

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