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Affordable CNC Power Skiving Machines

YG Tech has launched two power skiving machines on North American market. The products are distributed by Helios Gear, with engineering and technical support provide domestically within the US. Helical gears with tight clearance are good candidate for skiving instead of shaping. It is a continuous operation without loss of efficiency due to backstrokes. The size limitations for these machines is just over 16.5 inches in diameter. Both machines have direct drive motors with tangential positioning of tooling head, with optional features customized to production needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Power skiving is a process that goes much faster than traditional tooth cutting.
  • A new line from Helios offers several affordable machines with different options.
  • In addition to their base features, bonus options include a sharpener for cutting tools and more.

“Internal or external spur or helical gears – in particular, those that may traditionally require shaping due to clearance requirements – are good candidates for power skiving, a tooth-generating operation that takes a fraction of the time of shaping.”

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