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An MDF Armchair Was Inspired by Marilyn Monroe and CNC Routers | Woodworking Network

Alexander White created a unique chair that is meant to evoke the iconic picture of actress Marilyn Monroe with a billowing skirt. The chair is made from MDF and uses digital manufacturing and production techniques that allow for such complex shapes demonstrated in the design. The production uses one sheet of MDF and the CNC routing process produced less waste than traditional methods. The artist and woodworker, White, describes the process as just a passing thought and moving through iterative sketches before the more exacting process of digital production.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Monroe chair was actually an inspiration that came from the movie scene with Marilyn Monroe’s blowing white skirt.
  • The Monroe chair was an attempt to make the process of making an armchair simpler.
  • The creation of the Monroe armchair involved the desire to make an armchair out of a single component.

“The project started in february 2011 Pewsey, Wiltshire, UK and finished in time for an Exhibition at the Candid Art Galleries in Isllington, London. October 2011.”

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