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An overview of 3D CAD tools for documenting a sheet metal design

There are many features in CAD software packages that make the design and fabrication of metal pieces easier than in the past. One of the favorite features of every designer it the use of libraries and tables, which makes the work easier to adhere to established standards. The graphic user interface is usually done through drop-down menus, so the process is quite straightforward. You can also create custom forms which will ensure the consistency in your documentation.

Key Takeaways:

  • A design goal for this tray is symmetry. Thus, the Mirror tool works well. Just model half of the part and let the software do the rest of the work.
  • The general theme in any recommended modeling technique is to first satisfy the design goal and then consider the next person who will have to edit or maintain this model.
  • Drop-down lists speed and goof-proof the data entry chore. Custom Properties forms are created (by administrator-type people) with well-thought-out drop-down lists.

“In combination with the mirroring technique, these actions put the world origin of the tray smack in the middle and are handy for creating intuitive mates in upper-level assemblies.”

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