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Applications of CNC Router in Furniture Making

As CNC technology has become more readily available in recent years, so has it’s applications in the furniture making industry. It allows for faster production and efficiency, as well as a wide array of customization options. For example, when it comes to wooded furniture, CNC routers can create custom engravings. The same goes for plastic, metal, glass. and upholstered furniture. However, the material properties themselves dictate the which type of machine is best for the job.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is becoming more and more common to have CNC Routers used as part of furniture manufacturing.
  • Metal furniture includes any furniture that utilizes metal parts in the main structure.
  • When furniture is made of glass, the type of glass that is normally used is high-strength tempered glass.

“Therefore, it mainly involves cutting equipment such as metal laser cutting machines, plasma laser cutting machines.”

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