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Ask the Stamping Expert: How to start using tool coatings

Tool coatings can be used to extend the life of the machine, but there are several considerations to make sure it is the right coating. Caution must be taken with coatings as they can affect operability and performance of machines especially those with high tolerances. Coatings should be able to take repeated wear of cycles times as a machine performs the same task over and over again. Tools often don’t have coatings because they are a denser material like carbide or operation that would remove coatings with each cycle. One should set control limits after applying coating to make sure it works correctly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tool coating should be planned carefully as parts of the tool might end up having their coatings grinded and need replacement parts right away.
  • Make sure that the coating doesn’t change the tool to mess up the specifications that are needed for the job.
  • Continuous improvement requires change and some mistakes will be made a long the way in the name of progress.

“When development is completed, the tool moves as is to the repair and maintenance tooling group, which in any best-in-class manufacturing operation is part of its long-term continuous improvement process.”

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