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Augmented reality and structural steel fabrication

Augmented reality isn’t just for games and children. It has it’s real life use in many different ways. Augmented Reality has been a major help in steel fabrication. It helps many people learn how to fabricate with out using materials and making it much safer. It can also do things like show measurements and other information that you may need on the fly. It can also show the completed object with the instructions color coded.

Key Takeaways:

  • The ability to see what a 3-D well-developed project needs to look like, based on a 2D design is a hard-won skill that takes years to develop.
  • Even with great skillsets, projects like the Sparkling Hill project come along that take everything to a much more advanced and challenging level.
  • Because Sparkling Hill belongs to the Swarovski family, of the famed crystals, the crystals needed to be a design must-incorporate.

“The days of staring at a blueprint and then repeatedly glancing over at a steel beam, trying to get it straight in your head how all the parts detailed on the print are supposed to be located on the structural steel workpiece, might be drawing to a close. Augmented reality is here to help.”

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