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Automated Part Deburring, Cleaning in One System

Specifications for cleaning and deburring can often be more stringent that parts dimensional requirements. This is especially true for pneumatic and hydraulic components used in high precision assemblies like transmissions, valves and nozzles. Any burrs left in the part can negatively influence product performance and, if dislodged, will lead to premature failure. Because of this, secondary operations of cleaning and finishing are often specified. The newest trends call for cleaning, finishing and drying to be done in a single unit, that is compact and modular.

Key Takeaways:

  • EcoCvelox from Ecoclean combines high-pressure waterjet deburring (in five axes) with low-pressure parts cleaning and drying in one compact unit.
  • For more difficult deburring options, a turret can accommodate as many as five tools, with tool-to-tool indexing time of 1.5 seconds.
  • Operators can touch the image of a given component to access digital documentation such as flow or electrical circuit diagrams.

“Cleaning specifications can be more stringent for hydraulic and pneumatic components, automotive transmission components, pump and valve housings, nozzles and so on.”

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