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Automatic CNC Machine Tending Keeps Die Caster Globally Competitive

When companies look at their production processes, they compare labor costs to automation. Automated machines provide more consistent production and reduced staffing requirements, often freeing employees to move to higher level roles. The Universal Robots UR10 e-Series cobot (i.e., computer-controlled robot) is one such automated machine. RCM Industries of Franklin Park was able to have one cobot control two of their CNC machines, resulting in improved workforce productivity. It also reduced their power usage. The automated machines are easy to use as well: someone with no experience with robots can easily learn the programming.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mike Higgins of RCM industries says “We’re going to look at labor cost against whether the process can be automated.”. This value is huge for keeping this Die Caster competitive.
  • Automation doesn’t even require prior programming knowledge. Marconi has no background in robot programming and still choose to keep the robots experts focused on die casting.
  • Having one robot working on two CNC machines greatly improved return on investment allowing the rest of the workforce to focus on important business.

“Faced with losing business to Mexico, the company deployed two robotic cells to increase productivity”

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