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Automatic CNC Machine Tending Keeps Die Caster Globally Competitive

It is difficult to increase productivity with idea in mind that you will gain more money that way. In order to increase productivity you usually have to hire more workers and the increase in production makes it harder for the hiring of new workers to pay for themselves. A lot of companies are adopting AI technology to do the work for them. The purchase of robots to perform tasks that are repetitive tend to pay for themselves in a short amount of time because productivity has gone up.

Key Takeaways:

  • An issue with manufacturing right now is that they have to compete with lower wage Mexican suppliers while still trying to increase productivity without hiring more people.
  • One robot tending to two CNC machines creates a great return on investment as the actual employees can now focus on other things.
  • Programming experience wasn’t required to complete these RCM robots as PolyScope simulation software gave people the tools to create the program.

““Fifty microns was needed for the very high-precision application,” says Cameron Friend, automation specialist at FPE Automation (Elk Grove Village, IL). “We recommended that cobot because of the increased repeatability and its force-torque sensing capability.””

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