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Automation spurs a novel approach to the sheet metal enclosure

Automation and programmed machines have entered the world of sheet and metal fabrication, and their roles is only increasing. Proper application of technology leads to increased efficiency, but also opens new opportunities in the market. Case in point is the shop in Minnesota that was able to implement automated processes in the manufacture of enclosures. Seemingly, there is nothing in the product or process that would make it complex, but automation provided a competitive advantage to the company.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new method used, created a laser weld that did not need grinding or buffing.
  • Due to these methods, various sizes can be created with precision level machining and welding.
  • With these new processes, it is now faster to create these enclosures.

“Everyone knows the common narrative: Automation is taking away all the manufacturing jobs. But that wasn’t nVent HOFFMAN’s experience. The automated line launched in October 2016, and since then employment opportunities at the 1,000-plus-employee facility have only increased”

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