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Bagger Racing League: Your Ultimate Guide 2021 | SMT Machining

There’s racing and then there’s racing called bagger. It is now a thing, and official one to boot, since there is a league. It is a type of motorcycle racing, where entrants use cruiser motorcycles to race. The modifications are expected and numerous. Given the location of the first races and the high profile of entrants and their machines, the beginning can be rightfully considered as a showcase event. The league kicks off in June of this year, on a racetrack in Utah.

Key Takeaways:

  • Baggers are 800-plus pound cruiser motorcycles that have recently attracted interest in racing.
  • The 2021 Bagger Racing League features four classes: Hooligan, Big Twin, Stunt and (the main event) Bagger.
  • Harley, Indian, Yamaha and other big names participate with some interesting modifications.

“Since the race took place on one of the countries top courses with some of the most popular high-performing bikes, it meant this was a real showcase race.”

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