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Benchmark Electronics product life cycle strategy in a gray sea of EMS manufacturing differentiation –

There is not much to say about the data we provide on Benchmark Electronics factories. There is speculation that BHE should move into different markets but the numbers are showing solid for their current market share. OEM can request EMS service meeting directly that will allow them to be able to look over the data and request any additional info. This can make things clearer regarding differentiation that forces EMS into their current services share.

Key Takeaways:

  • Benchmark Electronics has nothing unique to offer that is exclusive to the company.
  • EMS providers crowd the market, and many have innovations that rank them above Benchmark Electronics.
  • The lack of uniqueness among EMS providers allows OEMS to more easily change EMS suppliers.

“Benchmark has some strengths, like so many other EMS providers. Buy there are plenty of other EMS providers serving similar markets with same or more technical depth and scope.”

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