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Benefits of Using a 5- or 6-Inch Grinding Wheel or Flap Disc

Many fabricators have recently switched to larger grinding wheels. These larger wheels provide many benefits; they do the same work in less time, they last longer, and they have little to no drawbacks. Conventional 4.5-inch grinding wheels were historically much lighter than five inch or six inch grinders. But newer models have brought these larger grinding wheels much closer to 4.5-inch wheels in terms of weight. So now, fabricators can use these larger wheels without fear of their physical toll. Additionally, larger wheels are simply more efficient. Testing has shown that using a six inch grinding wheel on the same work as a 4.5-inch wheel is twenty five to fifty percent more efficient.

Key Takeaways:

  • Large-diameter grinding tools are capable of reaching into corners, gaps and overhangs.
  • Forearm fatigue is reduced thanks to the greater power of large-diameter wheels and discs.
  • The two types of flap disc vary in terms of pressure and grinding angle.

“And, because large-diameter grinding wheels contain more abrasive material, they typically provide longer product life and require less frequent changeover.”

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