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Best CNC Mills [2022]-Desktop, Benchtop, and Industrial – MellowPine

There are quite a few different CNC mills that are on the market and there are really good ones to choose from whether you need a desktop, a bench top or an industrial one. The best desk top CNC Mill is the Nomad 3 which is compact and can work on many different metals such as aluminum, brass and copper. If you are looking for a CNC mill to use for high end hobby work, the Avid Benchtop Pro2424 is recommended.

Key Takeaways:

  • Among the top desktop mills, Nomad 3 and Onefinity Machinist X-35 cost around $2,800 and $1,800, respectively.
  • Benchtop CNC mills have smaller work areas than desktop mills; Tormach PCNC 440 is the best one for shops.
  • Haas and Okuna make the best industrial-grade CNC mills that can operate 24/7.

“In this guide, I list the best CNC mills available today, by discussing everything that’s good and bad about them.”

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