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Building a Custom Chopper, Where Do you Start?

There are many hobbies in the world that people enjoy, and one popular one is to enjoy motorcycles. Motorcycles, also known as choppers, are fun to ride and to build, and to customize. If you are looking to build or customize a chopper, you should know your reasons for proceeding. You should make sure you can afford to do so, and you should make sure your family is on board. There are different options, from a kit to a full DIY.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before you start constructing a custom chopper, be sure to have a schedule, plan, and extra money.
  • Motorcycle kits will save you time but cost you more, while a Rolling chassis is less expensive and will cost more time.
  • You can build a unique cycle with all custom parts if unexpected costs won’t drain you, or you can take an existing cycle and customize it for your needs.

“What do I mean by this, well a kit bike has all the parts it just needs paint, labor, gas, oil and some love.”

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