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Building A Googie-Style Sign With The Help Of CNC

You can build a Google style sign by using a CNC machine. CNC tools are very valuable because they make most jobs easier. You can smooth out the curves of a sign by using PVC sheet. You also can sand the sign as well to make sure that the edges are smooth. The front of this sign has been produced in PVC sheet as well, with a fresh coat of paint on it as well as a fake wood finish. Vinyl is also applied.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Googie style was a trend in the post-war period and remains a popular throwback style.
  • The sign’s front is painted with brush techniques that give it a faux-wood finish.
  • Vinyl is used to create a colored backlit effect, and off-the-shelf LED strips are used to light the sign.

“The smooth curves of the sign were carved out of several sections of PVC sheet, and stacked up to form the body of the sign.”

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