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Building a small table saw sled

A table saw sled is something that you use to push various types of wood through a saw. It is used mainly for safety reasons. It has been used for crosscuts, but it also isn’t the greatest for small pieces of wood. When you are making your sled, there are some safety features you can add to make it safer for you. Adding small blocks to where the saw will come out will save you from getting your fingers cut off.

Key Takeaways:

  • A left-side table saw sled is often a good choice for crosscuts. However, it may not be best for smaller projects.
  • Realizing this dilemma, one enterprising woodworker created his own smaller version of a smaller table saw just for smaller projects.
  • When creating a saw it’s wise to attempt to align the wood’s growth rings vertically. This way seasonal changes in humidity should not affect the wood as much.

“If you don’t have any exotic hardwoods, just use the hardest wood you have at hand.”

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