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CAD props prove useful in training, verifying, illustrating

Computer aided design programs made life of engineers and drafters much easier in the area of design and verification, but the side benefit is often overlooked. This type of software is also useful for demonstration of processes and procedures, creation of work instructions and checking the clearance and access to the equipment. In fact, even simple hand tools can be utilized as three-dimensional models in CAD software, thanks to many available libraries. Occasionally, you will need to create your own model, but if you save it, you should be able to use it repeatedly on different projects.

Key Takeaways:

  • An example of an entry-level fabrication job might be a tote box any onsite construction worker might use, as it involves simple forming and spot welding to finish.
  • It is naturally possible to amp up the basic tote box with higher end fabrication options, such as cut-out business card holder and a tray holder.
  • When evaluating someone for a computer aided design, or CAD, position in fabrication, it is highly informative to review their hobby work.

“Figure 1 shows some props—CAD models of hand tools—created by the author. These props are useful for predicting and illustrating access for service or assembly in a design. Several of the models in Figure 1 also have been used in this column as topics to explain CAD techniques.”

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