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CAD props prove useful in training, verifying, illustrating

When it comes to CAD software packages, most of the users think about design work, engineering revisions and verification. However, as the manufacturing and assembly operations are getting to be more efficient and streamlined, CAD models are increasingly finding an application in instruction documents and assembly procedures. Creating models of hand tools and equipment, along with available modules, enables manufacturing personnel to document training and work procedures and pass it along in an easy and understandable way to new employees.

Key Takeaways:

  • CAD props can be useful for accessing applicants based on their knowledge of a broader range of information.
  • It’s useful to visualize what could be done with simpler outdated tools and apply them to newer machinery.
  • Creating props is a good exercise for new workers as it allows them to refresh on their skills and see the results.

“Past CAD models help a tote box model come to life for manufacturers”

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