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Classic car electric conversion is on the rise – we visit one specialist to find out why

There are many reasons why classic cars are being converted into electric cars. First, it’s much easier to drive an electric car because it’s easier to accelerate and feels as if you have more control over the car. It’s also a much more reliable car and won’t have you breaking down on the side of the road and in the repair shop all the time. Finally, electric cars are the car of the future as many people are calling for a ban of petrol cars by 2030.

Key Takeaways:

  • Electric cars are better to drive than the standard petrol cars because they are much more quick and responsive.
  • Electric cars also reduce the probability of mechanical failure because of the different parts and techniques they use to produce them.
  • Converting your car to an electric may be beneficial for the future because we are seeing more and more calls to ban petrol cars by 2030.

“Enter and you will discover all manner of timeless classic cars in various states of repair.”

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