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CMMs Increase Productivity in Specialized Manufacturing Sectors

CMM introduces new technology that meets challenges faced by the aerospace and consumer electronics industries. Hexagon Manufacturing intelligence uses data to create tools that make manufacturing most advanced today, and one of those tools is its’ CMM technology. Coordinate measuring machines, or CMM, are a tool that is used to make the job less challenging for manufacturers. CMM allows for easier usage but maintains excellent accuracy and precision. Hexagons’ CMM technology can help operators analyze measurements more accurately, which drives higher efficiency.

Key Takeaways:

  • CMMS create complex and custom shapes from materials, while remaining compliant with quality assurance standards.
  • Fixed-scan probes maintain the high precision levels needed for complex alignment projects.
  • The OPTIV M can be purchased in a variety of options, for a range of budgets and applications.

“Designed for blade and glass manufacturers, the Leitz Reference BX CMM combines technologies to capture detailed measurement data across the entire surface of a freeform shape.”

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