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CNC automation: Should we?

While CNC robots have been around for a while, they were initially only used in high-volume manufacturing due to the how expensive and time-intensive it was to set them up. However, new technology such as Multi Grip Work-holding has caused a drastic reduction in both cost and set up time, now making robotic CNC automation affordable for low-volume manufacturing. This is possible because Multi Grip technology allows for a new part to be added for automation simply by cutting a set of vise jaws – no need to design or program a new gripper.

Key Takeaways:

  • The idea that robotic CNC automation is for high-volume manufacturing only is no longer true.
  • Because of next-generation technology, high costs and set up times of robotic automation systems have decreased.
  • With the VersaBuilt VBX-160 robotic part loader, part changeover is performed automatically.

“Let’s look at a few of the most-discussed topics regarding robotic CNC automation.”

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