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CNC Enclosure [ DIY Build Log, Plans, and Awesome Ideas ]

Bob Warfield of CNC Projects has set out to build an enclosure for his RF45 Mill enclosure. He started this DIY endeavor by creating a design sketch that included the appropriate table height for a door to effectively open and close within the enclosure. He configured all of the dimensions necessary for the enclosure, which can be found in another blog post detailing his Rhino model. He also built a stand for the enclosure where the chip pan will lay directly on top of.

Key Takeaways:

  • A note from a reader inspired me to create an enclosure for my IH CNC mill.
  • I used Rhino3D to sketch a design, which is available for download.
  • I built a stand with leveling casters, walls out of furniture plywood, and a chip pan.

“I expect better surface finish and even higher material removal rates will be possible with full flood coolant, but the biggest advantage is not having to deal with the mess.”

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