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CNC Machine Hourly Rate Calculator

Job cost estimation and quotation are important for any CNC machine shop, especially in competitive environment. Hourly rate for a CNC machine is critical in creating an accurate quote. It comes down to establishing the total cost of ownership over its useful life, usually defined by full amortization, and dividing that number by the estimated hours the machine will be used. This calculate uses multiple inputs to arrive at the hourly rate. For a job requiring multiple different machines, the most accurate quote is created when each machine has its own hourly rate.

Key Takeaways:

  • G-Wizard Estimator has a Machine Hourly Rate Calculator to help estimate job costs.
  • For accurate estimates, use a Machine Hourly Rate calculated based on each machine needed to produce the part.
  • CADCAM Wizards includes tool selection, cut depth and width, feeds and speeds, and even a ‘fudge factor.’

“You can find the Machine Hourly Rate Calculator on the Machine Profile under the Setup Basics tab”

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