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CNC Machining Is More Accessible Than You May Think

CNC machining is actually a lot more accessible than people think. CNC machining in general can produce high accuracy parts whose physical properties come from a CAD file. When it comes to machine costs, it ultimately depends on the architecture of the machine as well as the capability. Labor costs for a 3D printer are very low while CNC machining is typically connected to startup costs. These start up costs only need to be paid one time and are wiped out if you are using a high volume.

Key Takeaways:

  • CNC machines come in many different variations and each one differs based off architecture and capabilities.
  • The average rate for a 3 axis CNC milling machine is about 40 dollars an hour. The machine operator salary is also added onto that and is 35 an hour.
  • There is a pretty big difference in terms of the work of a CNC machine compared to a 3D printer.

“3D printing or additive manufacturing is another digital manufacturing technology that can produce parts on-demand.”

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