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CNC Machining: The Top 7 Types of CNC Machine Machining Techniques | Star Rapid

CNC machines are been continuing to come out with new manufacturing technologies, but in reality, there is no replacement for good CNC machines. The process of milling is one of the first manufacturing techniques we came up with. Another important type of milling. Surface grinding is another technique that is commonly used. Sold Sink EDM which uses a conductive electrode is another great alternative that many people use. There are many things that CNC machines can do other than milling.

Key Takeaways:

  • Turning was most likely the first machine operation in history and it involves clamping a workpiece onto a rotation plate.
  • Milling is a stationary process and revolves around a cutting tool that rotates on a spindle.
  • Surface grinding is essential because it makes a flat surface on metal parts which involves using a grinder tool.

“Let’s take a closer look at the seven most common ones that we use every day to make high-quality rapid prototypes and production parts.”

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