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CNC-made wooden skull jumpstarts artist’s career | Woodworking Network

There is a 500 square foot studio on the first floor of a two story house in Guleph, Ontario. Marcel Jordan lives there and he typically works with wood and sometimes acrylics and aluminum. He is using CAD software and connecting it to his router to optimize the output. Jordan has been able to create many different pieces of artwork by using CNC technology. Not only is it an efficient process but it’s also one Jordan is very passionate about.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marcel Jordan worked in machine shops in several industries before setting out on his own.
  • A Mexican restaurant commissioned Jordan to create a wall-sized Sugar Skull for their décor.
  • Chevrolet Canada and a classic car restoration firm have both hired Jordan for projects.

“His work is getting attention from businesses, retailers, and national brands that want to partner with him, much of it coming from social media.”

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