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CNC Programming: Beginner’s Easy Guide

Working with CNC necessitates programming, and there are three options to choose from. CAM Software generally works best for complex parts. Conversational CNC deals best with parts similar to what could be easily done on a non-CNC machine. The final option is handwritten code, which is commonly used for simpler lathe programs. Aside from programming, it’s necessary to determine the proper feeds and speeds for the machine. This can be tricky, but there are calculators that make it easier. The last step is to verify that the setup sheet matches the part program.

Key Takeaways:

  • CNC requires programming with CAM Software, Conversational CNC or handwritten G-code.
  • Determining the proper feeds and speeds is tricky, but can be made easier with the G-Wizard calculator.
  • After programming, it’s necessary to confirm that the setup sheet matches the part program.

“Deciding which method to use is largely a function of the capabilities of the tools that are on hand together with the complexity of the program to be created.”

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