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CNC Routers Can Do All THAT?

A CNC router can offer amazing abilities to any wood or machine shop. The machine is really limited only by the imagination of the operators and craftsmen. The machine can cut a variety of materials from wood, metals, foams, and plastics. It is important to used the existing guidelines as to the correct operation speed and depth of the tool. There are many guides available online as to the correct settings for the type of material and the type of project like intricate lettering in wood.

Key Takeaways:

  • CNC routers are not autonomous, and need to have direction, or otherwise will have issues.
  • CNC routers have many options to create wooden signs and incised letters.
  • Various projects can be created with software, traced on cardboard, and then cut out with a utility knife.

“A CNC router can’t respond like a human, so you need to tell the machine what to do. Otherwise, it will quickly dull or break bits, and produce poor-quality cuts.”

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