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CNCCookbook 2020 CNC Router Survey

The CNC Router Survey was a success. The survey revealed that the majority of users are hobbyists, as opposed to pro users. In addition, the D.I.Y. home brew from parts took the top of the list, followed by Carbide 3D, and then Generic Chinese. The most popular router features included a desktop or bench top, followed by intermediate, and then full sized. Finally, the most popular feature was the dust collection or enclosure feature. Future surveys in years to come will reveal new trends as time goes on.

Key Takeaways:

  • We’re seeing trends between hobbyists and professionals continue with about a 72-28% ratio between the former and the latter.
  • We’ve found that DIY Homebrew routers are the most popular but they do not actually have the most market share.
  • We will be putting out a premium E-book analyzing the data we have on CNC router preferences. This will be for people who are interested in getting the best value in their CNC router.

“Among the more pro brands, Laguna has edged out Shopbot and done a remarkable job gaining share. They had 2% in 2017 and are now at 4.2%. Shopbot meanwhile when from 4% share to 3.2%.”

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