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Collaboration With Boundaries ­– Device Enforces 6-Foot Distancing

With support from a national research organization, three manufacturing experts have collaborated on the Social Distancer, a small wearable device that helps workers stay six feet away from one another. The device calculates the distance between employees and provides an alert (either a flash, vibration or noise) if they are too close. The Social Distancer lasts 10-12 hours on a charge. It sells for $199 CAD per unit, with some of the proceeds going to a COVID-19 relief fund.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new company is making devices to help workers in close quarters maintain social distancing.
  • The device is a small system that calculates distances and can alert if someone is within six feet.
  • The idea is that workers with the devices can work without having to monitor social distancing.

“As workers across North America in manufacturing, warehouse and food processing continue to execute critical projects amid COVID-19, working environments and basic human nature can make it difficult for them to follow recommended physical distancing standards.”

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