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Communication in custom metal fabrication: Good ideas, good stories, good community

At Jones Metal, a custom sheet metal fabricator near Minneapolis, a weekly digital newspaper keeps employees up-to-date with company metrics and entertained with personal “fluff” stories. The publication is produced with the help of PDP Solutions, which provides the same service to a number of businesses. One key to the success of such newspapers is to provide engaging content. Another is to publish frequently. With a weekly newspaper, employees keep up to speed on issues, so company meetings can be streamlined. Ultimately, a strong company newspaper is a great way to improve company culture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since the paper comes out each week, the information doesn’t get old and the custom fabricator makes it that way.
  • The paper shows the people behind the data as well as the stories. We see things like weddings and anniversaries make it into the paper as well, because the paper covers real issues.
  • The best way to make a publication meaningful to your employees is simply to make content that is interesting and engaging.

“One, the newspaper automatically draws company metrics from the fabricator’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. If an employee wants to know the on-time delivery rate for the previous week, he can find out with a few taps on the touchscreen.”

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  1. You made a good point that efficient delivery should also be part of a good custom CNC fabrication service. I’d like to know more about such services because I plan to start revamping the look of my front yard. I think that adding metallic accents there will be a nice contrast to the greenery.


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