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Complete Guide to Fixture Plates, Tooling Plates, and Modular Fixtures

With T-slots you can have fixtures wherever you want. However, if you want more control and precise fixtures it’s a good idea to have a fixture plate. Using a fixture plate is a great way to have predefined setups for specific projects. Since a lot of shops end up making very few specific parts, it’s often takes a lot of time just to get fixtures in place. Instead, we can attach a fixture plate to the t-slot and everything is ready to go.

Key Takeaways:

  • One reason to use a fixture plate is that you only measure the location one time. As long as the fixture goes in the same spot you know you don’t have to measure again.
  • These fixture plates can be very heavy and so it is best to get help if you need it. Make sure you get things right and don’t take any shortcuts.
  • Some people want to really get into the doing it yourself mindset and for seven to eight hundred dollars it is possible to build your own.

“That saves a lot of time during setup. In fact, not only is the fixture in the same place, but it is also oriented in the same way. With T-Slots, you can get a fixture clamped down to the slots, and not only is it not always in the same place, it could be slightly rotated or cocked in its location.”

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