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Control Software Improvements Spurring Manufacturing’s Digitization Push

Because business models are changing so rapidly, more flexibility is needed than before, and the balance between flexibility and productivity can be challenging for some companies. Under these circumnstances, the rigth software becomes very important. It is also crucial not to fall behind in technology, and if the process of digitalization is not done in a timely manner the business will eventualy fall behind. Fortunately, there are many programs and simulations to help machinists learn new technologies. Siemens, Aras and VCollab are some of the companies bringing new developments in the areas of Simulation Process technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Today’s manufacturers are reaching the inevitable conclusion that productivity, as one piece of their business puzzle can make or break the business.
  • Every piece of equipment has a limit to its productivity that is separate from its user. Its electrical and mechanical condition puts definite brakes on its usability and hence productivity.
  • Because many workpiece orders are becoming more sophisticated and complex to create and mass produce, manufacturers are turning more to software solutions.

“Anyone can easily learn programming and operating by working on the software using a PC instead of an expensive machine tool.”

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